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Replace your old home

Refresh your home with something new that will gain value and display your pride of owning a home.

Are you considering a replacement for your existing home?

You are in a great position to benefit from the improvments you already have made to your property. Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss the advantages you have.

Old House

Start the simple process to replace your old home today!

We've helped dozens of customers like you to replace their old home with a great new TNT Home. Are you spending money fixing that old mobile home? It's likely that you will never recoup any of your cost. Consider removing that devalued fixer and start fresh with a new affordable home on your lot. Imagine the fresh smell of your new home. It's simpler than you think with our experienced team to guide you. Our custom homes built on your land increase in value, while mobile and modular homes typcially depreciate in value. You can bring us your plans or choose one we have in stock for your new home.